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Jaime Pavon is a cutting-edge Fashion Photographer with an unstoppable passion for finding the perfect shot. His experience, skill and breathtaking photographs have given him a reputation as one of the best in the industry.

Explore The World of Jaime Pavon

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Jaime's Interview in The Manhattan Herald



Jaime started working as a professional Fashion Photographer in 2017. They call New York home, but can often be found in unique locations around the globe, putting together daring and visually stunning photoshoots. They believe photography is a true art and are constantly developing their skills.

For Jaime, there is simply nothing else they would rather be doing than creating stunning images that tell a story, and they are grateful every day to have been able to turn their passion into a growing and thriving profession.

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Product Campaigns

Getting the Perfect Still Life

fashion photographer nyc

Fashion Shoots

Ensuring the Perfect Shot


Past Collaborations

Over the years, Jaime has been privileged to collaborate with many wonderful clients on a number of incredible projects. Read on to discover more about the type of clients putting their trust in

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A Successful year


Amazon Fashion

Vera wang and Till Janz were looking for an innovative Fashion Videographer who would showcase their work in an extraordinary way. Jaime immediately understood what they wanted and created the concept they were looking for.

A Perfect Partnership

When Jaime was approached by Amazon Fashion, they knew they would create something special together. Amazon fashion is well known in the industry, and working with them was the perfect opportunity for Jaime to showcase their talent.


New York, NY

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