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Hi there! I'm Jaime Pavon, a photographer based in NYC with a unique background that blends indigenous American, North African, and South European heritage. I've been capturing stunning images professionally for over a decade, using a vibrant and edgy style that's all my own. I love to plan every detail of a photoshoot and having a mood-board is essential to achieve my desired results.

I've sharpened my skills through a Master's degree in Photography from the prestigious School of Visual Arts in Manhattan and my work has been featured in top-tier magazines such as Vogue, Elle, L'officiel, and Nylon. I've also had the opportunity to work with major designers and brands like Vera Wang, Rodarte, R de Vivre Paris, Amazon Fashion, Visa, Diners, among others.

Let's work together and create some amazing photographs!

You can reach me at or I look forward to hearing from you! /

©2023 by Jaime Pavon

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